Tips to Prevent Falls in Your Home…They’re Not Just for the Elderly!

Here are some great insights shared with permission from Debbie. She learned some great Active Tips to assist her grandmother when her grandmother was returning home after a fall, hospitalization, and rehabilitation stay.

Thank you Debbie and hoping for a great return home for your mom! Take care, Julie, O.T.

This Girl Has Something to Say...

Woman_with_HeadacheWhile we generally associate falls in the home with elderly persons, you don’t have to be a senior citizen to experience a tumble in your own home.  And many of the tips that therapists provide to elderly persons for preventing falls in the home would be appropriate for younger persons as well.

My grandmother experienced a nasty fall in her home that led to a hospital stay and several weeks of rehab in a local nursing home.  Let’s be clear… she did not fall because of any common hazards in the home – she was reaching behind her leg to remove a tick and fell backward into her shower stall!  Nonetheless, before she could be released from the nursing home, her therapist had to make a home visit and look for hazards that might cause a fall.  Here were some of his findings/recommendations:

  • Remove all loose throw rugs, including the…

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