A Look at Technology’s Impact on Eldercare

Simplicity has its place and so does technology. Enjoy this lovely walk through the lives of Debbie’s grandparents who each embrace getting older a little differently. Great post Debbie!  Julie, O.T.

This Girl Has Something to Say...

Arlie_Loree_1To realize technology’s impact on elder care, I have to look no further than my own grandparents.  My maternal grandparents became nursing home residents in the late 1980s.  At age 98, my paternal grandmother moved from her own home into an Assisted Living Facility (ALF), where she lived to the age 100 years, 123 days.  While her basic health was obviously better than that of my maternal grandparents, I have to believe that technology also greatly contributed to the quality of her care – and her longevity.

  • My paternal grandmother had a wireless alarm button that she could press to notify a security company in case of an emergency.  My maternal grandparents did not have access to this type of device and were dependent on reaching someone by telephone if an emergency arose.
  • cordless_phoneMy paternal grandmother had a cordless phone – and a digital telephone answering machine.  If she remembered…

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