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Start by moving in bed or sitting on a chair 

Take Time to Breeeathe!


Fun Activity:  Edible Ornaments for Birds

Christmas with an Illness or Disability


Good records for good results: The art of record-keeping

Another side of the issue of “falls:”  Traumatic Brain Injury

Notes from the Floor: A Unique Perspective on Falls

Reservations and Recomendations: Toileting Accessibility Made Easy Part 1

Reservations and Recommendations: Toileting Accessibility Made Easy Part 2

Checklist for Used and Donated Bath Safety Equipment

Caring for Dad in Your Own Home: When Kids Adjust: Help Us All (Guest Blog)

Safe at Home Checklist

A Look at Technology’s Impact on Eldercare

Reservations and Recommendations:  Suction Cup Grab Bars, Oh My!

Reservations and Recommendations:  Pet Care

Tips to prevent falls in the home:  they are not just for older adults!

Transitional spaces in the home

A place to sit.  Ahhhh.


Getting in and out of your home

A ramp not to love

Save your back and knees while gardening this Spring!

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