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Photo of Doug Bowman’s Uncle Hull with granddaughter, courtesy of Deb Bowman, June 2015

Here is a list of all of the resources that we have referenced thus far in our blog posts, on our Facebook page, and in my upcoming eBook:  Caring for the Sandwich Generation at Home.  Receive updates by clicking on the “FOLLOW” button below.  Take care, Julie, O.T.

Baby Boomers/Sandwich Generation

Debbie Robus Blog on Baby Boomer and Caregiver Issues in

Bath Safety Equipment

Squatty Potty for maintaining proper positioning for toileting and not interfering with optimal seat heights for safe transfers: Ramp Codes from Stepless by Guldman:

Caregiving/Caregiver Issues and Support

Alzheimers Association home safety and caregiver information:

Evaluate My Home

Seek a licensed Occupational Therapist at:

Find a Certified Age in Place Specialist  at:

Falls, Fall Prevention

See more on the subject of falls at:

Another great resource for research on the topic of falls comes from resources that address the needs of older adults. For example:   CDC Compendium of Effective Fall Interventions: What Works for Community-Dwelling Older Adults, 2nd Edition. Download it at:

From the National Safety Council’s data on accidents in year 2000:

Financial Assistance

For Home Modifications (  Daily, Weekly, Yearly and Average Costs Table

Rebuilding Together

Home Modifications, Accessibility, and Providers

Home Safety Makeover (plus medic alert/safety systems) in Southeastern Massachusetts.  James and Marylou Porzio at:  508-369-8853, email at, or on Facebook at:

National Association of Home Builders , consumer link:

Rebuilding Together

The Center for Universal Design at the NC University College of Design’s booklet, Wood Ramp Design:

Home Safety and Adaptive Equipment

Ten products that will make your life easier (that you have never heard of) from:

Occupational Therapy/Therapists

For more information on occupational therapy in the United States

Organizing Your Home

Organized Home at:

Carex Upeasy Assist (seat lift device) from Amazon:

Checklist for Used and Donated Bath Safety Equipment was published on this blog on July 17, 2015 at:

Physical Therapy/Therapists

For more information on physical therapy in home care in the United States:

Effective exercise for the prevention of falls:  a systematic review and meta-analysis.  (2008)  J Am Geriatr Society; Dec;56(12);2234-2243

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