About Julie

I am exceedingly grateful to have worked with thousands of wonderful patients, their families, and fellow healthcare professionals as an occupational therapist.  From hospital to home health care settings, community education programs to wellness products, the journey has been a wonderful!  Then I became a patient too . . .

Julie Horney MS, OTR/L

Julie Horney MS, OTR/L

One night after work and quite unexpectedly I became very sick after paddling with our local kayaking group.  We came to understand that an exposure to murky waters triggered a bio-toxin illness and a host of latent health issues including chronic Lyme disease.  By the wintertime, daily seizure attack episodes began and escalated to an every day occurrence for 7 years!  I was no longer able to work as an Occupational Therapist; getting well became both my daily struggle and full time job.  This experience challenged everything I knew about traditional and alternative healthcare.  Searching for answers and finding hope in my personal relationship with God, through His son, Jesus Christ, kept me and my husband going on the most difficult of days, ups and downs.

My rehabilitation is wrapping up nicely.  Looking back I wish I had someone to call on the phone for personalized information.  That’s when I decided to become that person for you!

Our focus here will not be on diagnosing, treating, or managing medical conditions.  This website is intended to be a resource for coping with the practical activities of daily living affected by acute or chronic illness.

– Learn how to make the home safe to help prevent falls and injuries,

– Gently move one’s each day for health, and

– Obtain simple tips for living better.

My hope is that the Active Tips and Resources at the Home Safety Network will make a difference in your daily life as they have with me.

I invite you to click the “FOLLOW” button to join our community.

Take care,


Julie Horney MS, OTR/L

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